Welcome to Our Mini Library of PDA Questions & Answers

The questions posed here are from people that were interested in purchasing a PDA or were new users of a Zaurus. The answers were provided by our staff who are regular users of Sharp Zaurus & occasional users of HP Omnigo 100 & HP200LX Palmtop. We hope this mini library will promote the use of PDA's.

To access the detailed question and answer click on Q01, Q02, etc. This library is expanding as we find time to add Q & A from our archives of Email.

Question 01: How can I access email from my Zaurus?

Question 02. What is FaxScanner?

Question 03. How does Psion compare to Zaurus?

Question 04. Whether to Buy Zaurus.? - Zaurus & RAM Cards & Other PCMCIA Cards?

We would like to hear from you. To pose PDA Questions or give us feedback on our library of Q & A, feel free to contact us at: support@peeltech.ca

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Last modified February 7, 1999