The data below comes from a file provided by Sharp Electronics Canada. We have found other fax/modems will work, but there is no way of knowing in advance which ones they are. The main factor seems to be the amount of power required by the PCMCIA card. The better cards use less power and they work when the Zaurus is powered by an adapter or an external power supply such as MOBILPAK. We use Megahertz CC4144's in the ZR-5xxx family. ZR-5000's have fax transmission errors above 9600 Baud. ZR-5700 & ZR-5800 are ok faxing at 14.4 KBaud.

SRAM Cards

Manufacturer Model No. Capacity

Epson WWB513 Series 512KB
WWB101 Series 1MB

Mitsubishi MF3513 Series 512KB
MF31M1 Series 1MB

Toshiba TH6S1625 Series 512KB
TH6S1651 Series 1MB

Zaurus PCMCIA Compatibility

Flash ROM Cards (non-ATA type only)

Manufacturer Model No. Capacity

AMP 12HC, 797263-1 2MB
12HC, 797263-2 4MB
12HC, 797263-3 8MB
12HC, 797263-4 10MB
12HC, 797263-5 16MB

Epson HWB201 Series 2MB
HWB401 Series 4MB
HWB801 Series 8MB
HWB161 Series 16MB

Intel iMC002FLSA 2MB

Maxell EF-2M-TB (CA) 2MB
EF-16M-TB (CA) 16MB

Maxtor MobileMax 2MB 2MB
MobileMax 4MB 4MB
MobileMax 8MB 8MB
MobileMax 16MB 16MB

Panasonic BN-02MHF3CE 2MB
Zaurus PCMCIA Compatibility

Notes on SRAM and Flash RAM PCMCIA Cards:

- Memory cards, when inserted into the Zaurus PCMCIA slot, affect the total
battery life of the Zaurus main unit. The effect on battery life depends
on the type and the usage.

- Flash Memory cards are ideal for archiving Zaurus built-in application data
and for installing Zaurus add-on software.

- Unlike SRAM cards, you cannot access/use Zaurus built-in application data
on Flash cards (only archive and restore).

Zaurus PCMCIA Compatibility

Fax/Modem Cards

Landline Cellular
Manufacturer Model No. Data/Fax Speed Fax Data Fax Data

Apex Data PCA-1414 14.4 K/14.4 Kbps X X - -

AT&T Paradyne Keep In Touch 3762 14.4 K/14.4 Kbps - X - X

Epson EFM144FP 14.4 K/14.4 Kbps X X - -
EFM144C 14.4 K/14.4 Kbps X X X X

Megahertz CC324FM 2400/9600 bps X X - -
XJ1144 14.4 K/14.4 Kbps X X - -
XJ2144 14.4 K/14.4 Kbps X X - -
CC4144 14.4 K/14.4 Kbps X X X -

Motorola CELLect 14.4 14.4 K/14.4 Kbps X X X X
Lifestyle 14.4 K/14.4 Kbps X X - -
Power 14.4 K/14.4 Kbps X X X X

Smart Module ST1414L 14.4 K/14.4 Kbps X X - -

Important Notes:

- For increased cellular communications reliability with most cellular-ready
modems, we recommend you consult your modem manual for the proper cellular
modem initialisation string.

- These Fax/Modem cards require use of the optional EA-23E AC adapter or the
optional CE-BK1 Rechargeable Battery Pack Kit.

- The Zaurus built-in software only supports facsimile sending only.

- To invoke the PCMCIA modem card's Cellular capability, include "&F1" into
the application's Modem String when using Epson, Megahertz and Motorola
products. For AT&T products use "&F5".

When sending a facsimile, for example, tap on "Options" to enter the
proper modem string.
Zaurus PCMCIA Compatibility

Telephone Numbers:

Epson 800-289-3776 (USA)
800-463-7766 (Canada)
800-265-0092 (Latin America)

Maxell 201-794-5900

Maxtor 800-262-9867

Megahertz 801-272-6000(USA)

AT&T 800-482-3333

Motorola 800-365-6394

This list is based on Sharp's limited testing of these PCMCIA devices.
Compatibility may be affected by modifications made by the device vendor
and consequently cannot be assured by Sharp. Users are advised to consult
the PCMCIA device manufacturer to resolve any compatibility issues.

Last modified March 7, 1997