Phil takes his paper world into his Zaurus

Two weeks ago, I made the break from hard-copy drudgery to the complete freedom of my 'Z'. Let me explain....

I've been a programmer (writing device drivers and communications software) since 1980..

It's always been my habit to keep detailed lab notes..

In my current job (of nine years), I've compiled over 4000 pages of notes which include texts, diagrams and paste-ups (debugger output, etc.). These notebooks are indexed only by date..

Recently, I had to go back through six years of notebooks to find something. It was pain staking (they only had an approximate date)..

Well, no more notebooks!!! Everything's on my 'Z'..

Besides helping me with all of my personal info, my 'Z' has set me free from the hard-copy drudgery where I had the most of it, at work. It's fanstastic!.

I'm keeping a couple of months worth of notes on my 'Z' and archiving the rest to my PC and workstation. In all cases, I can search electronically for anything..

Plus, I can easily take my source, notes and even debugger output with me when I travel (besides all the other PIM items in the 'Z')..

Using the 'Z' filer I've got a file for each of my projects and a special file named "THIS WEEK"..

Any projects I work on during the week, I also file to "THIS WEEK"..

At the end of the week, I generate a report from "THIS WEEK" which becomes both my status report and my week's worth of lab notes..

At the end of the week, I remove (not delete) any contacts or still-open items from "THIS WEEK" and then I merge "THIS WEEK" into the garbage file for quick and easy cleanup..

I've been beaming between my 'Z' and a ZAP2 Windows95 system at 115.2 KB (IrDA) after downloading the IrDA V2.0 Windows95 driver. I also beam to my ZAP1 Windows 3.1 system using (ASK). I've got just one ACTiSYS IR_200L in both configurations..

My 'Z' continues to save me more and more time as I learn more about how to use it..

Oh, and I just ordered the sidecar modem so I can, FAX, log in to work with the VT100 emulator and of course get on the CompuServe Zaurus (and other) forums..

Best Regards,.

Phil Heimlich /* ZR-3000 */.

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Last modified February 7, 1999