Cartooning & Animation Using Zaurus

Cartooning is easy to do on your Zaurus using the SCRAPBOOK application. Start with a new entry / blank screen and draw your template or the first image. Save it away. Copy it using the edit menu or the 2nd - C key combination. Go to a new entry / blank screen and paste. Then use your stylus on the touch screen to edit the pasted drawing using the editing tools listed on the left side of the screen.

Here are instructions how to download a cartoon created using a Zaurus, for your Zaurus. The Zaurus scrapbook application is used. You will need about 300K of free space in your Zaurus to hold the complete set of 70 images. However, the demonstration works fine if you load only a portion of them. The format of the files is .zdf. They were extracted from a Zaurus ZR-5700 using the free PC based ZR-Link utility from Sharp. We recommend downloading the files from our website to your PC, changing the file names from *.exe to *.zdf, as you do so. The files are stored at our website with a .exe extension, to tell the internet browsers to download them, rather than try to display them. After you have them on your PC, you can use ZR-Link and a Sharp serial cable (CE-133T) to upload them to your Zaurus.

Once you have the images loaded into your scrapbook, just go to the Scrapbook application. To play the cartoon either forward or reverse, just hold down the NEXT OR PREV keys on the upper right of the Zaurus keyboard.

This demonstration was created and donated to our site by Gregory Albright a creative and innovative illustrator, magician, Christian spiritual leader and Zaurus user. Thank you Greg for sharing your delightful cartoon!

Now we will send you to the download directory. Click one file at a time and your browser will begin downloading them for you.

We hope your enjoy this example of the power of Zaurus.

Last modified June 5, 1999