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Unsolicited testimonials from our MyTAX customers:

February 13, 2007

Hi Egbert, 
I just wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed using your spreadsheet based tax software last year for my Nova Scotia 2005 return. I hope you'll be able to prepare a 2006 version. I'll gladly send my donation your way and pass the word along to friends and family. I like being able to tinker with the tax sheets to see the effects of higher RRSP contributions and other deductions before I file. Much better than those 'black box', answer-the-questionnaire style programs for sale in the stores.
   Great product, I don't know why someone hasn't made such a spreadsheet before!
All the best,
-Al J.   Halifax, Nova Scotia

(This letter is from a person who recently used MyTAX2003 in combination with a CRA paper form.)
February 14, 2006

Hi Egbert,
I just wanted to pass a note on to you that your spreadsheet is fantastic. I completed a task that I have put off way too long in no time at all. I will be using your 2005 spreadsheet and .................
Thank you so very much,
Jay K. (Ontario)
April 4, 2005: Posted on by Fox (loginname)

There is another tax program for Mac I just discovered; it runs on Excel. The program is called MyTAX, and it's shareware put out by a guy from Dutton, ON. ............. The author is very responsive; I exchanged several emails with him. ..........It works perfectly for someone like me who doesn't want a bunch of bells and whistles, but mainly a quick way to enter information, calculate the amounts and print the forms. Just to make it clear, I have no financial interest in this program and I don't know the author.
April 30, 2004

Thanks, Egbert
I am sending payment today.
Although I am still working my way through your program (it has not prevented me from completing the
work on two files), I have found the software extremely easy to use. As well, because the links are so
transparent, I never find myself stuck in a "controlled" cell with no clue how to move on (a common
problem for me using other tax software). All in all, I have to say that MyTax is a great piece
of software for those who want to prepare their taxes quickly and professionally, but still maintain the
ability to see how the bottom line is calculated.
Keep up the good work.

Paul M. (British Columbia)
(Paul offered to email others about his use of MyTAX. Email us: We will contact Paul for you).
March 30, 2004

Hi Egbert

A very nice job you've done with MyTAX, very pleased with the program.
....... everything is fine when doing my wife's return...........
My return is much more complicated and everthing worked wonderfully on it.

Kevin B. (British Columbia)
March 3, 2004


I've been using MyTAX for the 3rd time - since 2000 & I think it is wonderful!
I used to pay someone to do my taxes for me, but you've made it simple!

Thanks again,
Barb M. (Ontario)
Mar 1, 2004

Dear Egbert,

Your program is excellent, simple to use and particularly helpful in
assessing "what if" scenarios. Thank you for taking the hassle out of
completing my tax return.

I'm more than happy to enclose the license fee of $10.00 which makes it
accessible to almost everyone. Keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

V.H. Lee (Ontario)
Feb 29, 2004

Hi Egbert,

I just used your MyTAX product to do my wife's income tax and I can't believe what a great job it did.
Once I figured out where to do the data entry it took less than fifteen minutes to do the return.
I'll certainly recommend MyTAX to anyone I know who is looking to use software to process their returns.

Brian H. (Ontario)
Feb 14, 2002

Hello Egbert.
I don't make it my business to know the ins and outs of the shareware world so I don't know the work and intentions of all the small software developers but I have to tell you that your product is exceptional for every reason. I don't want to pay for some huge marketing endeavor, I don't want to see ads, I like having all the data in a familiar and accessible format like Excel instead of hidden away in some new and strange database format. If someone would ask me "What would be the ideal tax package?" then I would say that it's yours. I know what it's like to write a working, effective, efficient piece of software so I know you have some satisfaction from that even if you don't make a fortune from the licence fees. I certainly appreciate you making it affordable for really anyone who needs it.

Many thanks,

Chris T (Ontario)
5 March, 2002

Hello Egbert,
Enclosed is my payment for MyTAX 2001, which you emailed to me last week.
I will continue to let people know and have posted an info notice at work about MyTAX, which is both a time and cost efficient product. I will certainly look for it next year, and its popularity must keep increasing as more and more get to know about it each year.

Thanks again for a very good product.

Howard P. (Ontario)
March 21, 2002

To: Egbert Verbrugge
I did my Income Tax in the "manual" way, then I did it again using MYTAX. My first attempt was a little slow but after only a few entries I was cruising along full speed. I went one step farther. I did my Tax Return using another software program called TAXWIZ. MYTAX is a much better program. MYTAX was a better fit on my work screen and it was much easier to navigate back and forth between schedules. I also like the override feature on MYTAX that was not available in TAXWIZ. Printing on MYTAX was also much more flexible. All in all, I really like MYTAX and you can consider me a regular client from now on. I did send the licence fee payment.

Thanks for a great program
Ed L.(British Columbia)